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Remembering those we’ve lost

12 November 2019

The Bereavement Suite at Southend Hospital commemorated 10 years of providing support to families and friends whose loved ones have died.

The commemoration got underway with Dr Kate Gretton, who recalled the development of the suite.  

Wendy Warner, Palliative Care Lead Nurse said: "The Bereavement Suite has made such a big difference to families who have lost loved ones. It's a quiet place where they can talk privately, reflect and get emotional support. Losing a loved one can be such a difficult experience and it is reassuring to know that there is a place within our hospital where families can go and get some help.

"We work in collaboration with Southend Borough Council so the Bereavement Suite provides a one-stop-service for registration of deaths, information and signposting to other services."

16,500 bereaved families have been supported by the Bereavement Team at Southend Hospital since it was established ten years ago.

Incorporated into the commemoration celebrations was a prayer for Remembrance Day by Rev Jackie Turner, which was followed by a two minutes silence.

The team provides opportunities for families to talk about death and early grieving. They offer one-to-one face to face support and as well as telephone support to bereaved families.

The service works closely with palliative care, chaplaincy, medical examiners and the mortuary team as well as with the Bereavement Midwife to support families of still-born babies.

Staff as well as families joined in the commemoration and it was an opportunity to reflect and think about how we would all like to be remembered.

The Bereavement Suite at Southend Hospital was first opened on 1 November 2009.

Photo caption:

Wendy Warner, Dr Kate Gretton, Kerri Legg, Lucy Broad and Rev. Jackie Turner