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Breast Unit gets £5,000 donation from former Mayor

14 February 2020


Images of cherry blossoms against a clear blue sky now decorate the ceiling of the Breast Unit at Southend University Hospital, thanks to a generous donation from former Mayor, Cllr Fay Evans.

Cllr Evans' donation of just over £5,000 helped Southend Hospital Charity helped buy sky ceilings,  photographic images of real views of the sky, which are designed to help patients relax.

The Unit is now home to five cherry blossom themed ceilings within the consultation rooms, creating a much brighter and welcoming area for patients.

The money also paid for breast boards, which are used to help stop patients moving about when they receive radiotherapy treatment.

Cllr Evans said: "If I do nothing else with my life, I know that I have achieved something special. I am so proud of the money we have raised and the difference we have been able to make to patients."

Kayley Donovan, Fundraising Manager said: "We would like to thank Cllr Evans for her generous donations. It is not the first time that Cllr Evans has donated money to Southend Hospital and we are really grateful for all that she has done for us in the past. Donations like these help us to buy things that are not covered by NHS funding."

In 2018, the former Mayor's Charity raised over £25,000, which was used to buy a flexible cystoscopy stack, which allows clinicians to view the bladder and surrounding areas, including the prostate.  The camera stack system with high resolution monitor is much more comfortable for the patient.