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"There may be challenging times ahead, but Southend University Hospital will continue to develop its services hand in hand with GPs, our Foundation Trust governors, members and the local and wider population." Jacqueline Totterdell, Chief executive Annual report, 2010-11

As part of the NHS, Southend University Hospital also adheres to the NHS Constitution.

The Constitution was published in January 2009 and it brings together, for the first time, the principles, values, rights and responsibilities that underpin the NHS. It is designed to renew and secure our commitment to the enduring principles of the NHS, making sure that the NHS continues to be relevant to the needs of patients, the public and staff in the 21st century.

Click the link below to read the full document and also see how you can influence changes to your health service. Click here to read the NHS Constitution (external website)

You can read our response to the Francis Report here