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A message from the Chief Executive – Tackling fraud, bribery and corruption

Mid and South Essex University Hospitals Group is committed to maintaining an honest, open and well-intentioned approach so as to best fulfil the objectives of the NHS. This means fraud, bribery and corruption related activity will not be tolerated.

Such conduct, at any level, is unacceptable. The Trust's Board will ensure that stringent policies and internal systems to deal with fraud, bribery and corruption are in place and are acted upon swiftly.

We expect all our staff to operate in accordance with our values, and to have the best interests of the NHS and our service users in mind. We are absolutely committed to the elimination of fraud, bribery and corruption, to the rigorous investigation of any such allegations and to taking appropriate action against such individuals that includes criminal prosecution and recovery of losses as a result of any criminal act.

If an employee has suspicions regarding fraud, bribery or corruption related activity within the trust, we assure you that the matter will be taken seriously and referred to the Local Counter Fraud Specialist (LCFS). For further advice and information, please refer to the Trust's Anti- Fraud Policy and Bribery Policy.

Should you have any concerns or require any advice, please contact our dedicated LCFS, Mark Kidd, for a confidential discussion on 07528 970251 or  mark.kidd@nhs.net . You can also speak to the Chief Finance Officer or report any suspicions directly to NHS Counter Fraud Authority at  www.cfa.nhs.uk/reportfraud  by calling 0800 028 4060.