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Gender Pay Gap Report

Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is required by law to publish an annual gender pay gap report.

From 7 April 2017 all employers with over 250 staff were required by law to publish figures annually on the difference between the average (mean or median) earnings of men and women they employ.  Variably, for public sector bodies in particular, this was effective from 31 March 2018.  

The deadline for annual reporting is set as the 30 March. All organisations are required to publish data on this date for the designated date of 31 March for the previous year.

This report therefore focuses on Trust data for the 31 March 2019.

The Gender Pay Gap is not to be confused with equal pay; equal pay relates to the differences in pay between men and women who carry out same jobs, similar jobs or work of equal value while the gender pay gap strictly refers to the average earning of men and women in an organisation.