Occupational Health & Wellbeing service

The South Essex Occupational Health Service can provide you with a range of Occupational Health support tailored to your needs and delivered by highly qualified professionals.

The service, based in Southend, has been delivering commercial Occupational Health Services for 20 years and is one of the longest established NHS Occupational Health Services in the UK.   Traditionally the South Essex Occupational Health Service has delivered Occupational Health across a large geographical area, previously supporting an individual Government Department across the UK but more recently working across South and Mid Essex andEast London. 

We can provide you with a range of services from On- Employment Screening to Management Referrals to support you with Sickness and Absence Management and to providing Health Surveillance to ensure statutory compliance with relevant Health and Safety Legislation. 

Employee Engagement and Wellbeing 

  • In 2008 Dame Carol Black published her Report for the then Government regarding the health of the working age population.   This Report and subsequent work by the Department of Work and Pensions supports the premise that a healthy and engaged workforce deliver better services and are more productive in the longer term, making a positive impact on the bottom line.   
  • We can provide you with independent and practical advice as to how to manage the health of your employees.   The cost of high levels of absence and the potential impact on those who are left in the workplace when others are off sick can have a huge impact on your business's bottom line.   Our team of Consultants and qualified Nurses can provide you with independent and impartial advice as to how to manage that individual in work and how the relevant employment legislation can potentially impact on any decisions you make about keeping people in work.