Referral to the following groups will be via a therapist within the rehabilitation team to ensure the group is appropriate for the child’s individual needs and abilities. If your child’s needs cannot be met in a group, one-to-one sessions with a therapist may be more appropriate, and in some circumstances a therapist may be able to visit school to share advice and strategies to assist with the child’s development.

Little fishes group (0-4 years)

Staff present: Occupational therapist, physiotherapist, play therapist, speech and language therapist, rehab assistant

The little fishes group is a 12 week multidisciplinary group for children who may have a disability or delayed development who require input from two or more professionals within the group to develop their individual goals.  

Under 5 Years School Readiness Group (3-4 years)

Staff present: Occupational therapist, rehab assistant

A 6 week group that the child's caregiver is invited to attend alongside the child. The child may need assistance to build up their pencil skills, scissor skills and dressing skills prior to starting primary school. The outcomes of the group are;

  • To increase independence and functional skills.
  • To develop delayed fine motor skills in preparation for starting school.

Handwriting group (5-8 years)

Staff present: Occupational therapist, rehab assistant

The handwriting group consists of a six week course designed to develop the skills needed to improve handwriting ability. The occupational therapist will assess the child's method of writing as well as the handwriting produced. Sessions are structured to develop hand skills, muscle strength, writing legibility, ability to write on the line, letter formation, spacing between words, letter sizing and ascending and descending letters. Advice may be given to improve the child's control of the pencil. The aim of the group is to develop the child's confidence to write, as well as their ability.

Mainstream School clinics

The mainstream clinics are run on Thursday all day and Friday afternoon at the Lighthouse Child Development Centre by a Paediatric Physiotherapist. Children with neurological and long term conditions such as Cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy & Global developmental delay are seen within this clinic once they are school age.

All the children attending appointments within this clinic attend mainstream education and if required school visits can be completed by the therapist. When coming for a review appointment an assessment of your movements and gross motors skills will be completed so it is beneficial to wear appropriate clothing such as shorts and trainers.