The therapy team

Occupational therapy

At the lighthouse we aim to work with children who may be delayed in completing essential practical and purposeful activities to enable the child to manage as independently as possible. Complex tasks such as dressing, using cutlery, handwriting and play skills are broken down into manageable and achievable steps to build the child's ability and performance, before the next step can be attempted. Where necessary, advice to develop hand function, muscle strength and range of movement will be provided to enable the child to reach their goal. The ocupational therapist will work alongside the child and their caregiver and give advice to carry over at home, nursery or school. The occupational therapist role also includes provision of specialised equipment, such as specialist seating for mainstream and specialist schools as well as nurseries, as needed. If required the occupational therapy team is also able to provide hand splints where required to improve and develop hand function.


Physiotherapists work alongside children from birth to adolescence and their caregivers to optimise a child's ability to move and function. This is done by developing gross motor skills, co-ordination skills, posture, muscle strength, balance, cardio-respiratory system and range of movement. Advice and exercises to assist the child in their development are shared with the caregiver and in some circumstances, the child's school or nursery to improve participation in every day activities.

Rehabilitation assistants

Rehabilitation assistants work alongside the therapists at the centre to assist the child to achieve their goals and have input into many of the therapy groups.