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New documents (updated 22 June)

Outpatient - Radiology Referrals

This applies to MSE  X-Rays, CT, MRI, ultrasound scans and nuclear medicine.  Note that ultrasound scans for Maternity Services are continuing as normal. All x-ray referrals are now via booked appointment.

Urgent/Time Critical and Routine Radiology requests can be made electronically via the following:

Patients do not need to take any paperwork with them to their appointment. 

All requests are being screened by the MSE and will either result in an appointment, added to a waiting list or rejected. In the latter case a communication is sent to the Patient and the GP to that effect. 

Clinical leads from primary care and the MSE are actively working together to develop guidance regarding the categorisation of cases as urgent (time critical) or routine diagnostics.


Radiology Referrals


 2WW Referrals




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Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic

Anaesthetic pre-assessment information

Find out more about anaesthetic pre-assessment information available to patients

Urology specialist cancer surgery

The referral is located in the Urology Specialist Service section

NHS e-Referral Services

Southend accepts e-referrals for all consultant, outpatient, routine, urgent and two week wait appointments.

Rapid Access Outpatient Referrals

Clearly mark the referral URGENT  and address it to the appropriate department. If you are uncertain about specialist interests, contact the consultant's secretary directly. 


Please view this flowchart to determine the correct route for repatriation. 

Individual departmental referral guidelines

Stroke / TIA service

HOT TIA is an electronic referral system developed originally by Dr Devesh Sinha in consultation with colleagues in primary care and IT.  The system supports best practice, recognising that TIA is a medical emergency and  improving the referral pathway by rapidly identifying patients at high risk of stroke following TIA. 

Make an online HOT referral

What to do next - patient information sheet and checklist

HOT referral user manual

Poster for surgeries 

A number of departments within the hospital have now produced specific referral procedures for patients.  Please click the links below to view documents.

CFS referral

We are no longer able to accept referrals via post, fax or email.  Please submit the completed referral form, recent blood test results, past medical history (including previous diagnoses) and any consultant letters you have for your patient onto the e-referrals system. 

You can find us under General Medicine - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CAS-Southend Hospital-RAJ.  Please note you will need to book a telephone appointment for your patient but this is not an actual appointment.  Please do not send any details of this appointment to the patient. 

As Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a diagnosis of exclusion our consultant will need to review the referral before a decision can be made on whether this is the most appropriate service for your patient.  

If the patient is accepted into the service a letter will be sent directly to the patient with details of their appointment with our service. If the patient is not suitable for the service their referral will be rejected on the e-referrals system and the reason for this given.