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The death of someone close to you, whether expected or sudden, can be a very distressing and troubling time.

If you are responsible for making decisions and arrangements, we can provide advice and support.  Our Bereavement Office will contact you after 9am the first working day following the death so that we can help you plan the process and explain the role of the Medical Examiner. 

Our Bereavement Team will coordinate all of the paperwork that needs to be completed after a person's death, such as the medical certificate of cause of death, and the necessary cremation forms.

There is an onsite registration service available in the Bereavement Suite at the hospital and the team will book an appointment at your convenience for you to register the death when the necessary documentation has been completed by the doctor.  You are welcome to bring a friend or family member to support you at this meeting.

It can be difficult to take in all the information that you will hear from the Bereavement Team or ward staff, so to support you further during this time,  we have prepared a booklet that contains information about practical issues that you will need to consider during the first few days and weeks.

The booklet explains some of the administrative and legal procedures involved and contains useful contacts in the form of a support directory.

Bereavement office:  01702 385492 or 01702 385494

Coroner's office:  03330 135000



Bereavement guide  |  Broszura informacyjna W Żałobie  |  Informace a pokyny pro pozůstalé v případě úmrtí blízké osoby

Bereavement - Emergency department

Emergency department bereavement guide  |  Szpitalny Oddział Ratunkowy Broszura informacyjna W Żałobie  |  POHOTOVOSTNÍ ODDĚLENÍ Informace a pokyny pro pozůstalé v případě úmrtí blízké osoby