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Cardiac Care Unit (Sita Lumsden Ward)

Cardiac care

Ward details

Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) is an acute cardiology unit with 11 acute beds.  Patients, when stable, are moved to step down unit which is adjacent to CCU.  There are 18 beds with single sex accommodation in the step down unit and patients are cared for by staff who are specialised in cardiology.  

The unit cares for patients with heart attack, irregular heart rate, heart block needing pacemakers and heart failure. We also look after patients pre- and post-angiogram, a test done to investigate the blood supply to the heart.

We work closely with Cardiothoracic centre (CTC) in Basildon, so patients are sometimes transferred from our unit to CTC for tests and treatments and then moved back to Sita Lumsden. We will soon also be caring for patients who need internal cardioverter defibrillator (ICD).


Sister Anisha Emmi

Ward telephone number

01702 385026

Contact email address


2nd floor, Tower block


Care of patients with myocardial infarction both ST elevation and  non ST elevation, Complete Heart block, Tachy and Brady Arrhythmias , CPAP, Pacemaker, Intra cardiac Defibrillator. 

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Visiting and other instructions

Visiting hourse are between 07:00 and 21:00.  

Please restrict visitors to a maximum of two per patient. 

No visiting at mealtimes, Sita Lumsden information leaflet provided on admission to patient and family gives all the information required which includes updates on patient care and arrangements for appointments with consultants.

As a patient on this ward, you may be under the care of one or more of these consultants

  • Dr. A.khokar
  • Dr. T. Keeble
  • Dr. S. Mazhar
  • Dr. T. Nageh
  • Dr. J. Davies
  • Dr. P Kelly

Specialist teams  who care for patients on this ward

Nurses specialised in cardiac care and advance lie support courses along with acute cardiac nurses and cardiac rehabilitation team.

Postal address

Cardiac Care Unit
Southend Hospital
Prittlewell Chase
Westcliff on Sea