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Thinking about childcare

The Trust is committed to supporting both parents and carers who work for the Trust, easing their work life balance and assisting in finding the answers to family related issues.

The Family Support Team is in the office between the hours of 08:30 and 16:30. Our HR Welfare Support Officer acts as an advocate to parents and carers, advising them on all childcare and family based issues, assisting parents and carers from maternity through to those who have dependants such as eldercare. Our services include:

  • an on-site nursery
  • maternity planning
  • finding childcare
  • support groups
  • finding care for elderly relatives

The team offers assistance to all NHS staff and aids all parenting and family-based issues. We are also available to answer any childcare questions that parents and carers may have concerning finding the appropriate childcare facilities and location to meet their individual family needs.