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Awards and prizes

Prizes and awards are presented to the Trust’s trainee doctors in recognition of their achievements. Our trainees are a credit to the themselves and the hospital.

Awards 2018

2017/18 Award Winners

with Dr Lucy Coward & Dr Gowrie Balasubramaniam


Best FY1 & FY2 Doctors

These are awarded to the FY1 & FY2 Doctors who have received the highest scores from Clinical Supervisors over the course of the year. Awarded by the Southend Medical and Dental Society.

2017/18 Winners:
Best FY1 - Stephanie Matthews
Best FY2 - Louise Allen, Sil-Jun Lau

Judi Sharpe Scholarship for Teaching and Education Excellence Awards

Excellence in education, selected by Dr Moro-Azuela based on involvement in teaching medical students on placement.

2017/18 Winners:
FY1 - Abhishek Oswal, Martyn Eckersley, Russell Donovan, James Everson
FY2 - Juliet Berner, Marke Perera
GPST - Rui Wei

London Deanery Trainee Merit Awards in Foundation: 6 categories

Quality Improvement Merit:

"Awarded to trainees who complete an insightful audit which has real effects for their LEP."

2017/18 Winners:
FY1 - Abhishek Oswal
FY2 - Nilia Baghat

Teaching Excellence Merit:

"Awarded to trainees who excel at teaching whether informally on the wards or who take the initiative and, for example, arrange additional formal teaching for their peers at their LEP."

2017/18 Winners:
FY2 - Dilhara Karunaratne, RachelBenjamin Giles & Rebecca Long

Clinical Excellence:

"Awarded to trainees who excel in clinical practice and enhance the patient experience."

2017/18 Winners:
FY2 - Olivia Benson, Steven Wyman

Top Trainer:

Awarded in recognition of a Senior Clinician's contribution to teaching.

2017/18 Winner:
John Day

Audit Prizes

Prizes presented to staff that are judged to have produced/presented the best audits. The hospital's annual Research & Audit Open Day is held every December, with invitations for submissions requested from September each year.  This is an established but a unique event at Southend Hospital and is a great opportunity for medical, nursing and allied health professional staff from all specialties across the Trust, who might not normally get to engage or work with each other, to spend half a day at an event that encourages discussion, research and the sharing of learning to improve patient care. The presentation day is preceded by posters of audits being displayed in the Education Centre for staff to view.

December 2016 Winners:
FY1 - Sanjay Karamsadkar & Kapil Arora
ST1/CT1 - Sweni Shah
ST3/CT3 - Nisha Menon
Nursing Prize - Phyu Myint
Alex Stone Prize - Muhammad Khan
Phillip Hagan Prize - Angela Bright & Suren Moodlier