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Research, Audit and QI Opportunities

Southend University Hospital is aware of the importance of research, audits and QI projects and encourages incoming foundation doctors to be involved.

Sign off guidelines require evidence of participation in systems of quality assurance and quality improvement projects: 

F1 doctors should take part in systems of quality assurance and quality improvement in their clinical work and training.

The Curriculum requires that F2 doctors manage, analyse and present at least one quality improvement project and use the results to improve patient care.

Quality Improvement (QI) is a key initiative being driven by the Trust, encouraging all staff to look for opportunities to enhance our service, the patient experience, safety, costs, efficiency and to change the mindset from 'point in time' audit responses to continuous improvement. Sharing projects and ideas across an accessible platform allows progression across multiple departments - and potentially across the NHS.  And the completion of a successful project can result in publication. 

The Research Department is based in the Education Centre; the ground floor office is the management & coordination centre for research throughout the Trust.

Southend University Hospital is part of the Essex & Hertfordshire Comprehensive Local Research Network (CLRN). We have a large and varied portfolio of research with our main areas of activity being cancer, rheumatology, stroke, critical care and ophthalmology research.

We are the lead for the South Essex Cancer Research Network (SECRN) and a participating hospital in the Thames Stroke and North East London Diabetes Research Networks.

The Education Centre hosts an Annual Research and Audit open day. This is an established, but unique event at Southend Hospital and is a great opportunity for medical, nursing and allied health professional staff from all specialties across the Trust, who might not normally get to engage or work with each other, to spend half a day at an event that encourages discussion, research and the sharing of learning to improve patient care. The presentation day is preceded by posters of audits being displayed in the Education Centre for staff to view.