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Essential travel information

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Customs Requirements 

You are restricted or banned completely from bringing certain goods or items into the UK, even if you are travelling from within the European Union. These include firearms, offensive weapons, endangered species (and items made from them), and some types of food and plants. You can find a complete list on the HM Revenue and Customs, Travelling to the UK  webpage.

If you are travelling to the UK from outside of the European Union, there are regulations in place regarding declaring cash  when you enter or leave the country.


The following is a check-list of items you may need to have about your person when travelling to the UK: 

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance documents (you may wish to leave a copy of these in your home country, or scan and email them to yourself)
  • Address and telephone number of your final destination
  • Details of your onward travel when you get to the UK
  • British currency (see currency below)
  • A letter of explanation from your doctor for any prescribed drugs you may need to bring with you
  • Enough prescribed medication for the journey 


The official currency of the UK is the pound sterling. The sign for the British pound (as it is informally referred to) is £.