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Living in the UK

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Deciding where to Live

Living in the Southend area

Southend has a lot to offer as a place to live and work. Seven miles of award-winning beaches, the longest pleasure pier in the world, more than 80 parks and open spaces, great schools, 14 historic conservation areas, numerous museums, theatres and art galleries, the Olympic mountain biking venue nearby... and that's just for starters.

From the bright lights of Southend seafront, to the smaller medieval villages dotted around the outskirts of the town centre leading into glorious countryside and areas of outstanding beauty, Southend-on-Sea and its neighbouring towns offer something for everyone.

A town that is rapidly being seen as a highly desirable alternative to the urban sprawl of London in which to live and work.

Easy to reach by road and rail, train journey time to London is less than an hour. The expansion of London Southend Airport has brought a sixth railway station to the borough along with more than 70 flights to Europe and Ireland each week.

Not that you will want to venture far: with a reputation for some of the best nightlife and culture outside of the West End, vibrant music and art scenes and award-winning restaurants, Southend delivers the complete lifestyle in a cosmopolitan corner of the Essex coast.

Did you know that Leigh-on-Sea (2 miles from the hospital) has been voted the happiest place to live in the country?

It is important to arrange accommodation in advance of arriving in Southend and various options for this are available to you.

We have our own dedicated Accommodation Management Team who is available to Southend University Hospital staff seeking advice on finding private accommodation in the locality.

Commonly used terminology

Type of accommodation


House/flat share

You will have your own bedroom, but other facilities may be shared (e.g. living room, kitchen, or bathroom).


The bedroom and living room are combined. The cooking facilities will either be within the room, or may be shared with others. Often has a shared bathroom.

Studio flat

The bedroom and living room are combined. The kitchen may be in a separate room. Should be self-contained (no shared facilities).


Self contained, with a separate living room and at least one bedroom. Usually on one level and part of a larger building.


Apartment/flat on two levels with internal stairs.


House with only one level.

Terraced house

A property which forms part of a connected row of houses

Semi-detached house

House sharing one wall with another house.

Detached house

House standing alone. 

Renting a Property

The  DirectGov  website has useful information for people who want to rent accommodation, including information on the different types of landlord and tenancy agreements, and advice on what to do if you have a problem with your landlord.

Buying a Property

If you will be staying in the UK for a substantial period of time, you may wish to consider buying a property, although it is advisable to live in and research an area for a period of time before you buy. Buying a property in the UK can be a complex procedure and there are a number of one off costs and cost of living expenses that you will have to take into account when buying a property, the Directgov website has useful information on planning for these costs.

There are many websites, such as Rightmove, which list properties for sale and will also provide you with an indication of current property prices in the area you wish to live. A directory of estate agents  is also available should you wish to enlist the services of an estate agent in your property search.

Please see below information and links to more detailed information about living in the UK:

Information about the UK

The website is a good starting point for information about living in the UK.


Stay in close contact with your friends and family from around the world by knowing the telephone dialling codes and the Royal Mail postal services  offered.

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Public Holidays

The UK has many public holidays, some of which are observed only in particular areas.