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Temporary working with Southend

The Central Bank Team (CBT) is passionate about providing comprehensive, efficient and cost effective temporary staffing solutions to the Trust through the CBT register.

The team co-ordinate the allocation of all bank staff and agency staff in response to the needs of the Trust's clinical services.  Working with the central bank team offers a flexible way of working, with both ad hoc and longer, full-time bookings available. You could work for a day here and there, for a week or for a number of months.

Many of our bank workers find temporary working to be more suitable to their lifestyle and needs. Bank working could be your main method of working or a secondary role. We have hundreds of bank workers who have substantive posts within our services. 

There are many varied reasons for becoming a bank worker. These include:

  • The need for flexible working arrangements to achieve  a better work-life balance.
  • The desire to gradually return to work after a break.
  • The wish to work in an area where there are currently no permanent vacancies.
  • Wanting to earn some extra money.
  • The aspiration to gain more skills and experience.
  • The wish to experience working for Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust without committing to a permanent post.
  • Relocating from another part of the country / world and wanting to see if Southend Hospital is the right place for you. 

Benefits of working on the bank

As a member of Southend NHS Trust Bank you will:

  • Have access to a diverse range of roles.
  • Be able to work full or part time.
  • Be treated as an internal applicant if you want to apply for permanent jobs with us.
  • Have access to a number of discounts and benefits, including the NHS pensions scheme.
  • Have access to occupational health services.
  • Annual Leave: As work is not guaranteed and is flexible you do not need to book annual leave days.  You will however be entitled to Annual Leave pay of one hour for every 8.5 (on average) hours that you work.  This will be paid automatically into your salary every month.
  • Have access to training opportunities

Please click the link below to view the temporary positions which are currently available.