Pathology Handbook

Access to Cell path results

Electronic reports are sent to GP surgeries for all Cellular Pathology requests which have been requested by the GP.

If a smear is taken at a Family Planning Clinic, paper copies of the reports are issued to the FPC and the patient's GP.

Practices with access to ICE can view results as soon as they are validated in the laboratory

For enquiries regarding reports, telephone 01702 385198. 

General Procedures on telephone enquiries:

  •  Office personnel are to ensure that callers are able to identify themselves satisfactorily.  If there is any doubt about the identity of the caller, before giving out a report, the caller will be advised that the laboratory will call them back, after checking the telephone number with an independent source, e.g. GP telephone list or directory of the Hospitals & NHS Trust.

  •  If an enquiry is received at a time when a report cannot be obtained immediately, the caller will either be advised to ring back later, or that a member of the office staff will telephone them when the report is available.

  • All telephone calls for requests for information or reports will be logged in the Cellular Pathology office.

  • When requesting information on Cellular Pathology reports, the caller must supply at least two identifying factors:

              a.      The patient's name & hospital number, or

              b.      The patient's name and date of birth

  • Verbal reports will only be given to a Consultant or a GP