Pathology Handbook

Quality assurance

There is participation in approved External Quality Assessment schemes by the technical staff and consultant staff. The following schemes are in place in the department:

Technical Schemes

Eastern Region EQA Cervical cytology

East Anglia Technical EQA Cervical Cytology

The UKNEQAS for Cellular Pathology Technique

The UKNEQAS Immunocytochemistry - General Pathology

The UKNEQAS Immunocytochemistry - Breast Pathology

The UKNEQAS Immunocytochemistry - Lymphoma Pathology

The UKNEQAS Immunocytochemistry - Cytopathology

The UKNEQAS for Andrology

Professional Schemes

East Anglia EQA Scheme in Histopathology

NHSBSP Histopathology EQA

Performance in the technical EQA, apart from cervical cytology, is reviewed and communicated to the staff. Results of the cytology EQA are confidential and are kept by the cytopathology consultant and the individual staff involved.