Pathology Handbook

Fetal remains and Ectopic Pregnancies

Request Form 

Request using ICE

If ICE is unavailable then you may download, print and complete a manual Histopathology request form

Please ensure the correct Disposal of Tissue following miscarriage or termination of pregnancy form completed by both the patient and the requesting member of staff is despatched with the specimen {Trust forms 1991 or 1992}


On request

Specimen Transport

The sample should be sent to the laboratory as soon as possible for examination


Please send in formal saline, supplies from Cellular Pathology if required


The department provides pre-filled containers of 60mls which are half filled with fixative.  Larger containers are available on request 

Turnaround times

Reports of routine cases are normally issued within 5 working days of receipt.  Reports on large specimens, or those requiring further work, are issued within 14 working days following receipt of the specimen, depending on the complexity of the case.