Pathology Handbook

Haematology & Blood Transfusion


Phlebotomy appointments

01702 422555

For the following, dial 01702 435555, and then enter the relevant extension number

Results enquiries


Head of Department:

Dr Paul Cervi





Laboratory Manager:

Mrs Jill Elliott


Blood transfusion laboratory


Haematology Laboratory       


Coagulation Laboratory


Acting Hospital Transfusion Practitioner:

Mrs Natalie Outten


Haematology Medical Secretaries




Pathology Operational Manager:

Mrs Jill Elliott


Working hours  

The laboratories provide a 24-hour service.  The level of service varies according to the time of day:

Weekdays (Mon-Fri)

09.00 - 17.30   Routine hours

17.30 - 09.00   Essential work only

Weekends (Sat & Sun) & Bank holidays:

09.00 - 09.00   Essential work only 

Contacting the Haematology Clinicians

During routine hours 09.00-17.30 contact the Haematology doctors for clinical advice either through the medical secretaries or bleeping the Haematology Registrar through switchboard.

Out of routine hours contact the on call Haematology Clinician through switchboard

Urgent tests 

GP urgent work: Please telephone the laboratory to arrange any urgently required tests.

The A & E dept. have special A&E red bags for red urgent samples - these are only for use in A&E

Out of routine hours - 17.30-09.00

Investigations from the essential test library should be available within 2 hours. If an urgent blood transfusion is required or to request a test outside the essential test library e.g. Malarial Parasite then contact the on call Haematology Biomedical Scientist through switchboard.

Essential Haematology Test Library

  • Full Blood Count (Hb, WBC & Platelets)
  • Full clotting screen (PT, APTT, Fibrinogen)
  • Heparin / Warfarin Monitoring (APTT ratio / INR)
  • D-Dimer

Specimen labelling

Specimens will only be analysed if they are labelled in accordance with the sample labelling policy.

Blood transfusion  

The Policy for administration of Blood and Blood Components must be adhered to for all transfusions.

A request for blood products can be taken over the telephone provided the laboratory has a valid transfusion sample. The transfusion sample must be correctly labeled and signed. The sample will be valid for Cross match for i) 72 hours if the patient has been transfused and/or pregnant within the last 3 months or ii) 7 days for all other patients (see sample status on ICE). If a blood product is required urgently contact the Blood transfusion laboratory in routine hours or the on call Haematology Biomedical scientist if out of hours.

The BCSH guidelines 2012 for Pre-transfusion compatibility procedures recommends that "a second sample be requested for confirmation of the ABO group of a first time patient prior to transfusion, where this does not impede the delivery of urgent red cells and other components". Therefore if a patient has no previous transfusion history at this Trust a second sample will be required before group specific blood products can be issued. In extreme emergency cases the issue of Group O blood for the immediate management of the patient will be issued.

Surgical Cross matches should be requested according to the Maximum Blood Ordering Schedule (MBOS) which is linked to the XM Surgical ICE request. Non surgical cross-matches should be requested on ICE according to the Indications for red cell transfusions.

Blood can be supplied by electronic issue within 10 minutes if there has been at least one previous blood group test with no irregular antibodies detected and there is a current blood group test with no irregular antibodies detected.

A historical or current blood group is required for other blood products and should be requested according to the Indication for the use of FFP and Cryoprecipitate and Guidelines for the use of Platelet Transfusion.    

Useful links 

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