Pathology Handbook



Phlebotomy appointments

01702 422555

For the following, dial 01702 435555, and then enter the relevant extension number

Results enquiries

01702 435555

Ext 6608

Clinical Scientist:

Dr Sarah Linstead

01245 514895

Pager 07623 999006

Consultant Immunologist:

Dr Hilary Longhurst

01702 435555

Ext 6608

Operations Manager:

Paul Mackenzie

01702 435555

Ext. 6133

Pathology Operational Manager:

Mrs Jill Elliott


Working hours

The laboratories provide a service during the normal working day only. 


08:30 - 17:00 (Mon-Fri)

Weekends & Bank holidays:

No service

Urgent tests

For any urgent ANCA or GBM requests after 17.00hrs (Mon - Fri) or at weekends: Clinical advice can be obtained via the Bart's and The London Hospital switchboard on 02073777040 and asking for the Consultant Immunopathologist on call. 

Specimen labelling

Specimens will only be analysed if they are labelled in accordance with the sample labelling policy.

Retrospective tests

Please contact the laboratory on Ext 6608.

Useful links

Information on a range of pathology tests, for the professional and lay person is available at: