Pathology Handbook

Acanthamoeba Culture



Test Includes

Culture for the protozoan Acanthamoeba from contact lenses, contact lens fluid and corneal scrapings.

Clinical Indications

Corneal ulceration, keratitis.

Request Form

Request via ICE.


On request during normal working hours.

Specific Criteria

Requested by the opthalmology department only.

Turnaround Time

5 days


Directly inoculated onto the marked area on a nutrient agar plate (available from Microbiology as part of an eye unit set), or contact lens, contact lens case or contact lens solution placed in a sterile container.

Causes For Rejection

As an unrepeatable sample these are usually not rejected but in the case of inadequate sample identification the requestor may be required to complete and sign a disclaimer before the sample is processed.

Lab Handling

Process as soon as possible.