Pathology Handbook

Alpha-1 antitrypsin

Clinical Indications

Evaluation of chronic obstructive airway disease, emphysema (particularly occurring between 30-40 years of age) and in neonatal and adult liver disease where low values may have diagnostic importance. Family studies.

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Specific Criteria

None. Total alpha-1 antitrypsin measured and referred for alpha-1 antitrypsin phenotyping if level is less than 1.0 g/l. If low alpha-1 antitrypsin has been picked up as an incidental finding from electrophoresis then a comment will be added to the report asking for the requesting clinician to discuss with the patient before phenotyping is carried out. 

Turnaround Time

Same day (Monday to Friday)


Serum in gold-top vacutainer


2 ml


Vacutainer gold top

Reference Range

These are age-related:

Adult:                    1.1 - 2.2 g/L.

Age up to 1 month:0.9 - 2.2 g/L

1-6 months:           0.8 - 1.8 g/L

6m - 1 year:          1.1 - 2.0

1 - 13 years:          1.1 - 2.1