Pathology Handbook

FV Leiden screen PCR


FVL, 5 Leiden

Clinical Indications

Clinical / family history of thrombotic episodes

Please refer to Thrombophilia clinic or d/w Consultant haematologist BEFORE making request.

It is strongly suggested to request a Thrombophilia screen rather than this test in isolation even if investigating a known family history of FV Leiden.

Please note that this test will not be performed unless an Activated Protein C Resistance screen has been requested/performed or is not possible (such as during oral anticoagulant therapy).

Request Form 

Request via ICE


Mon - Fri 9AM to 4PM
Genetic testing will only be performed on one occasion.

Specific Criteria

Patient should be bled with minimal stasis

Patient Preparation


Turnaround Time

2-3 weeks (sent externally)


Fresh citrated Blood (within 2 hours of collection)


4.5 ml blue citrated blood


4.5 ml blue citrated bottles

Vacutainer blue top


Clean venepuncture; sample transported to laboratory immediately after collection

Causes for Rejection

Underfilled, clotted or haemolysed samples

Reference Range

See patient test report