Pathology Handbook

G-6-PD screen


G6PD, G6PD Deficiency Test

Clinical Indications

Haemolysis when patient exposed to oxidant compounds for example anti malarial drugs. Some cases of neonatal jaundice and anaemia. Occasional cases of anaemia. This is a qualitative test only.

Request Form 

Request on ICE


On request:  following discussion with Consultant Haematologist

Specific Criteria

To be discussed with Consultant Haematologist

Patient Preparation


Turnaround Time

72 hours unless clinical need requires urgent testing






Purple top (EDTA)

Vacutainer purple top

Causes for Rejection

Incorrect sample labelling. Clotted / grossly haemolysed/ inadequate samples. Patient does not meet specific criteria.. 

Reference Range

See patient test report. This is a qualitative test only

Where the screen indicates a G6PD deficiency a second sample may be required for referral to Reference Centre for quantification.

Samples on children <6 months age, or individuals with a raised reticulocyte count, may be falsely  normal.  

A repeat sample may be request after a haemolytic episode to confirm G6PD status