Pathology Handbook

Growth Hormone



Clinical Indications

Random Growth Hormone (GH) measurements are of limited value. Dynamic tests are required for proper diagnosis. For investigation of acromegaly a  IGF1 level or growth hormone suppression test is of greater value.

Request Form

Request on ICE


On request

Specific Criteria

Requested by Consultant Endocrinologists or agreed with Consultant Biochemist. 

Is used as part of growth hormone suppression test or GH stimulation tests (clonidine or insulin)

Turnaround Time


Patient Preparation

It is advisable to avoid stress. 
Ideally fasting samples should be collected




5 ml


Vacutainer gold top

Lab Handling

Aliquot and freeze at minus 20°C.

Causes for Rejection

Not meeting specific criteria for analysis.; unlabelled or incorrectly labelled sample.

Reference Range

No reference range, as GH is secreted in a pulsatile fashion.

Male reference range: <3 µg/L
Female reference range: <8 µg/L

Results above these ranges require further investigation, unless the patient is known to have acromegaly.

NOTE: In line with international recommendations, growth hormone is now reported in mass units (µg/L).  To convert from µg/L to mU/L multiply the result by 3.0