Pathology Handbook

Vitamin K Level


Vit K, Vitamin K1

Clinical Indications

Suspected  dietary deficiency or suspected ingestion of vitamin K agonists

Request Form 

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Mon - Thu 9AM to 4PM
Not available on Fridays due to sample stability issues.

Specific Criteria

Samples should be taken with minimal stasis and kept in the dark

Patient Preparation

To exclude the influence of recent dietary intake it is preferable that blood samples should be collected after an overnight fast

Turnaround Time

10 working days (sent externally)


Fresh citrated Blood (within 2 hours of collection)


4.5 ml blue citrated blood


4.5 ml blue citrated bottles

Vacutainer blue top


Samples should be taken with minimal stasis, kept in the dark  and taken to the laboratory immediately

Causes for Rejection

Underfilled, clotted or haemolysed samples

Reference Range

Vit K1 Ref Range:

Fasting:         0.17 - 0.68µg/L (median 0.37µg/L) 
Non Fasting: 0.15 - 1.55µg/L (median 0.53µg/L)