Pathology Handbook

Pneumocystis Carinii Detection

Test Includes

Detection of Pneumocystis Carinii.

Request Form

ICE Requesting.


On request during normal working hours; sent to reference laboratory (GOSH).

Specific Criteria

Please give detailed clinical information, including date of onset/contact with the suspected infection and any current or intended antibiotic therapy.

Turnaround Time

7-10 days.


Broncho-alveolar lavage/washings.

Sputum are acceptable sample for detection of Pnuemocystis Carinii if BAL/W is not available.


Minimum 5ml.


Large White Capped Universal

Large white top universal


Samples should be transported to the laboratory immediately.

Causes For Rejection

Unlabelled sample or incorrect sample - see "Specimen" above.

Insufficient clinical information given.

Lab Handling

Store at 4C; send to reference laboratory (GOSH) as soon as possible.