Pathology Handbook

Thrombophilia screen


Hypercoagulability Studies

Clinical Indications

History of thrombotic episodes / family history

Please refer to Thrombophilia clinic or d/w Consultant haematologist BEFORE making request.

Full screen NOT available immediately post thrombosis or while patient on anticoagulant therapy

Test Includes

Full clotting screen, Thrombin time, Protein C, Protein S, Antithrombin, FV Leiden assay/PCR, PCR for Prothombin Gene mutation

Request Form 

Request on ICE


Mon - Fri 09.00  to 16.00

Specific Criteria

Samples should be taken with minimal stasis

Patient Preparation

Patient should ideally be at rest and not in acute phase reaction

Turnaround Time

2 weeks


Fresh citrated Blood (within 2 hours of collection)


2 x 4.5 ml blue citrated blood


2 x 4.5 ml blue citrated bottles

NOTE: Two bottles are required

Vacutainer blue top


Samples should be taken with minimal stasis and taken to the laboratory as soon as possible

Causes for Rejection

Under-filled, clotted or haemolysed samples

Reference Range

See patient test report