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Thyroid stimulating hormone

Clinical Indications

TSH secretion is regulated by negative feedback from serum free thyroid hormone levels. The serum TSH response to change in free T4 is logarithmic; a twofold change in free T4 induces inverse 10-100 fold changes in TSH. Thus, this negative amplified feedback as the serum T4 increases or decreases, makes TSH a sensitive marker of thyroid function which can become abnormal before there is a diagnostic change in free T4. 

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Thyroid Function Tests

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Specific Criteria


There is little value in doing thyroid function tests in acutely ill patients as non-thyroidal illness may result in misleading thyroid function test results.  The test is therefore of limited value in in-patients

It is normally not necessary to repeat TFT's within 4 weeks

Turnaround Time

Same Day (Monday to Friday)


Serum in yellow top (SST) tube


1 ml


 Vacutainer gold top


No specific collection conditions

Causes for Rejection

Unlabelled or inadequately labelled sample

Reference Range

0.27 to 4.2 mU/L.

Neonates may have levels up to 20 mU/L which decrease to normal by 6 weeks of age.