Pathology Handbook

Urine - Cytology

Request Form 

Request on ICE (if ICE is not available, a downloadable non-gynae request form is available via a link in the Cellular Pathology section of the Pathology Handbook). 


On request.

Turnaround Time

Reports are normally issued between 4-6 days of reciept. Samples requiring extra work may take longer, please contact the lab for further information on delayed reports.


A full specimen of urine, preferably a mid-morning specimen, is required for cytology, Please advise patients to ensure that the lids are firmly tightened to prevent leakage during transport to the laboratory. When catheter specimens are sent, please ensure these are clearly labelled as such on the specimen container and request form. Specimens should not be collected during the 14 days following cystoscopy. 


One sample, ideally between one quarter full and a full bottle.


A special cytology black top urine container to which a preservative has been added. These can be obtained from Pathology reception.

Urine cyto bottle


Specimens should be sent to the laboratory as soon as possible after collection. If there is a delay between collection and transport, the sample should be refrigerated. Outside laboratory hours, specimens can be left in the post box outside the Pathology reception on the first floor of the tower block.

Lab Handling

Store at 2 - 5ÂșC until the sample is prepared.