Pathology Handbook

Vitamin E


Vit E, & alpha-tocopherol

Clinical Indications

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin which has powerful antioxidant properties

Diagnosis of deficiency or toxicity of Vitamin E and for fat soluble vitamin status in cystic fibrosis

Deficiency of Vitamin E causes neurological problems and haemolytic anaemia and is seen in patients with fat malabsorption or abetaliporpoteinaemia and in premature babies

Supplementation is given to patients with Cystic Fibrosis, Crohn's disease and fat malabsorption

Toxicity from Vitamin E is rare but can interfere with the action of Vitamin K causing haemorrhage

Request Form 

Request on ICE


If specific criteria for analysis met 

Specific Criteria

Requests by neurologists, paediatricians or on patients with cystic fibrosis

Patient Preparation


Turnaround Time

Approximately 2 weeks


Serum in yellow (SST) tube

Lithium heparin samples may be used for children


Minimum volume 1 mL


Vacutainer gold top


Samples should be transported to laboratory immediately.

Causes for Rejection

Unlabelled sample
Not meeting specific criteria for analysis. 

Reference Range

Male:     13.0 - 36.2 ┬Ámol/L

Female: 11.6 - 36.7 ┬Ámol/L