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Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation

Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation is an independent registered charity which raises money for major fundraising projects at Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The Charitable Foundation was founded in 1998 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the NHS and continue the tradition upon which the hospital had been built. The trustees at the time, as today, were a group of local people who cared greatly about Southend and wanted to help enhance the services that the hospital could provide. 

The Keyhole Cancer Appeal is the Charitable Foundation's latest appeal and follows the very successful Bosom Pals Appeal On The Road which raised over £450,000 for digital mobile breast screening.

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Keyhole Cancer appeal

Keyhole Cancer - theatre shot

The Keyhole Cancer Appeal aims to raise £600,000 for the provision of a new state-of-the-art laparoscopic (keyhole surgery) theatre suite at Southend University Hospital.

This will enable surgeons to perform the latest and most complex keyhole procedures for patients undergoing cancer and general surgery. At the heart of the new theatre will be some of the most advanced camera systems in Europe, which deliver extremely high quality 3D images.

Hundreds of Southend patients are likely to benefit each year.  They include people suffering with bowel and prostate cancer or gynecological conditions.  Many of these patients would have previously had to have 'open' surgery' which would have meant longer hospital stays and recovery times and greater post-operative pain and scarring.

Mr. Mike Dworkin, speaking on behalf of the surgeons at Southend University Hospital said:  "The new operating theatre will deliver high resolution 3D images allowing us to see and identify anatomical structures more easily and perform the most complex keyhole procedures.  For the first time all the systems in the operating theatre will be under the central control of touch panels and the new equipment will be free of pipes, tubes and wiring.  We will also be able to bring digital x-rays and body scans to the screens and to record or film the operation for the benefit of patient records. It also means the surgeon can use the two-way video conferencing function to dramatically enhance the teaching process.  We really are incredibly grateful to Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation for launching this appeal which we know will make a significant difference to the patients we treat".

If you have any questions about  the keyhole Cancer appeal, please call 01702 385337 or email