We maintain nearly 700 inpatient beds, serving a local population of 338,800 as well as anyone who chooses us for treatment.

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CQC rating

CQC rating 2020


Our CQC report was released on 6 March 2020 - click here to read our latest report


We have 4,419 staff comprising 183 consultants, 333 other doctors, 1,269 nurses, and 2,634 support staff.

We provide a comprehensive range of acute services including acute medical and surgical specialties, general medicine, general surgery, orthopaedics, ear, nose and throat, ophthalmology, cancer treatments, renal dialysis, obstetrics and gynaecology and children's services.

Southend University Hospital is the south Essex surgical centre for uro-oncology and gynae-oncology surgery and is considered to be a centre of excellence for the care of stroke. Also offered are breast screening, ophthalmology and orthodontic services to the wider south Essex population.

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During 2015/16:

We admitted 101,378 inpatients, including:

  • 9,246 elective inpatient admissions
  • 47,851 day case admissions
  • 44,281 emergency admissions

We had 547,218 outpatient attendances.

We had 98,335 attendances in our accident & emergency department.

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Alternatives to A&E

Is our emergency department the right place for you? There are lots of options for treating minor illnesses and injuries, including your GP or local pharmacist.