Health & Wellbeing Events

These workshops are offered to patients who have completed their cancer treatment. If you are unable to attend or want to have a look at the topics discussed/information provided, please see below. You can find links of useful information at the bottom of this section.

  • Emotional Impact of cancer

Coping with cancer can lead to feeling anxious, low in mood and/or feeling stressed. There is often the hope that finishing treatment will allow life to get back to normal. It can at times be an anxious time with family and friends expecting life to resume but for the individual affected by cancer life might feel very different now.

  • Healthy Eating

There is so much information aronud what health yeating should look like. Please look at the information below to find out what the current scientific evidence is on a healthy diet and cancer

  • The Benefit of exercise

We know being physically active can lead to physical and emotional well-being. Find otu how much daily exercise is recommended and where and how to start if you are new to exercise.

  • Support services available

Having the opportunity of talk through what has been going on in your life and meeting other people who have gone through the same diangosis and treatment can be very helpful. Please see below details of local cancer specific support groups.

At times it might be helpful to talk to somebody on a one-to-one basis. For information on counsellnig services, pelase contact us at the Macmillan Information & Support Centre

Elevenses - 1st Tuesday of every month at 11:00

for anybody affected by cancer

Macmillan Information Centre, Southend Hospital

Contact: 10702 385101


Bosom Pals - 3rd Wednesday of every month 19:00

supporting women living with cancer

The Stables, Leigh

Contact: Nikki  01268 752209 Debbie 01702 421830


Cadgers - last Thursday of every month  18:00

supporting people affected by urological cancers

The Education Centre, Southend Hospital

Contact: Roger Bassett 01702 585931


Southend Beating Bowel Cancer Support Group - Bi-monthly meetings 13:30

run by patients for patients

Venue to be confirmed

Contact: Joe Pooley


COPES - 1st Saturday of every month 10:00

Essex Gynae Cancer Support Group

Women's Clinic, Southend Hospital

Contact: 01702 435 555 ext 6464


Myeloma Support Group - Bi-monthly 16:00

Macmillan Information Centre, Southend Hospital

Contact: Katrina or Rachel on 01702 385057


Head and Neck Cancer Group - 3 monthly 19:30

Southend Civic Centre

contact Angie Hobbs on