Hypnobirth Course Feedback

This page is dedicated to feedback and photos from our hypnobirth courses.


We love to hear from participants after the course and/or after the birth of their baby.  Send us your feedback at

'I finished the course recently and it was phenomanal.  I feel so empowered, informed and excited for my baby's birth now!'  Millie, Southend on Sea

'I am writing to say how wonderful I think the course was and, as a first time mum, how valuable the information was to both me and my husband.  My husband feels that by taking part in the hypnobirthing classes he was able to help during the birth as he knew the process and techniques to help me, a feeling I am sure not every husband has felt.'  Jess & Kane, Benfleet

'We found that even as second time parents, there was still a lot to learn from the classes which were really well structured, full of content and I really enjoyed the practical group sessions to put things into practice.'  Natalie and Kyle, Great Wakering

'We loved the way the course reminded us that labour is not necessarily as dramatic or traumatic as portrayed on screen etc. Whilst we understand that everything does not always go to plan, it allowed us to approach labour with a positive outlook. The course left my wife & I confident in her ability to give birth to our daughter & relaxed as labour approached.' Richard & Lauren, Leigh on Sea

'The relaxing atmosphere that was set up for each class along with the opportunity to practice some of the breathing techniques and scripts really helped me and my husband (but especially me!) feel a lot better prepared and equipped.'  Ann-Marie & Daniel, Rayleigh

'My husband loved the sessions too, and the fact that it gave him such an active role in the birth.  We used so much of what we learnt on the actual day and I actually look back on my birthing experience as one that I really enjoyed.' Lisa & Neil, Rochford

'We both felt prepared leading up to the arrival of our baby and he was absolutely fantastic throughout the labour and birth. I would definitely recommend the course to any expecting parents especially if they are feeling anxious about what is to come.'  Melissa & Mike, Benfleet

'Mike was a little apprehensive that it would all be a bit "hippie" and pointless him coming with me, but the practical and emotional advice we received, gave us both confidence and reassurance.'  Lynsey & Mike, Shoeburyness

'Prior to the course I was incredibly anxious and feared the whole process, now I feel informed and empowered. I know feel I have the tools to stay relaxed and calm whatever path the birthing process takes.'  Louisa & Andrew, Southend on Sea

'I have now had my baby and despite having to have a c-section due to a low lying placenta, I found the hypnobirthing technique invaluable when it came to breathing my way through my pain and anxiety. I was able to use the techniques in theatre during my spinal and to keep myself calm throughout.'  Danielle & Chris, Benfleet

"Comfortable, relaxing, positive atmosphere. Engaging tasks and exercises that made the information easier to digest"

"As someone who has felt a lot of anxiety towards childbirth for many years, this course has given me a huge amount of reassurance and helped me to feel differently about it, all thanks to the great information, useful breathing techniques.and the huge sense of positivity" 

"Some brilliant tips, techniques, breathing skills and loads of great advice. Thank you so much, feel so much more positive about it all"

"We have both looked forward to attending the classes and after every class on the way home have both said how amazing they were and discussed what techniques learned we think we will use.  We have both been practicing various elements and feel that we now have a good selection of tools and resources to use when in labour"

"My husband and I have recently completed the hypnobirthing course at the hospital.  We also found it to be very helpful that the course was lead by Midwives, as all our questions were able to be answered.  It enabled us to feel more in control of our labour and ensured we made the labour itself into a positive experience for us both. I especially found the breathing techniques the most useful to me in labour and making our birthing environment into a nice calming place to be. We would both highly recommend this course to everyone in preparation to giving birth" 


Hypnobirth group get together with Midwife Karen Sladden (2nd left) and Maternity Support Worker Julie Macdonald (2nd right)

 Hypnobirth group meeting