Maternity Services - Online self-referral

Congratulations on your pregnancy! If you have a positive pregnancy test and wish to have your baby under the care of Southend Hospital Maternity Services, you can contact us directly by completing the antenatal self-referral form without the need to see your GP first.

You can access our antenatal self-referral form here:  Antenatal self-referral form

Once you submit your referral form you will be able to access evidence-based health information and chat to a member of our midwifery team about non-urgent concerns and questions via the Maternity Direct App.

We encourage every woman to develop a personalised care plan, with your midwife and other health professionals, which sets out your decisions about your care, reflects your wider health needs and is kept up to date as your pregnancy progresses.

Your Midwife will discuss this further with you once you have referred your pregnancy.