Patient information leaflets

The leaflets on this page are designed to provide information regarding your care. They can be downloaded, printed or read online.



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Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists patient information leaflets:


Having a small baby

Being overweight in pregnancy and after birth

Obstetric Cholestasis

Chicken Pox in pregnancy

Your baby's movements in pregnancy

Blood tranfusion, pregnancy and birth


Southend University Hospital patient information leaflets:


Antenatal expressing colostrum127 kb

Antenatal ultrasound scans, screening and diagnostic tests549 kb

Benefits of skin to skin contact535 kb

Body Mass Index684 kb

Bottle feeding your baby166 kb

Breastfeeding your baby97 kb

Breech baby and ECV552 kb

Care of a healthy term baby reluctant to breastfeed49 kb

Care of the perineum546 kb

Diabetes & pregnancy152 kb

Does my baby need vitamin K?127 kb

Fetal fibronectin test70 kb

Gestational Diabetes45 kb

Glucose Tolerance Test611 kb

Healthy eating and vitamin supplements in pregnancy187 kb

How can I tell breastfeeding is going well45 kb

Information for patients with a positive antenatal hepatitis b result503 kb

Induction of labour with Dilapan60 kb

Is there a missing piece from your birth experience1842 kb

Large for dates babies & Polyhydramnios160 kb

Latent phase of labour77 kb

Meconium-stained liquor and your newborn baby46 kb

Perineal Massage144 kb

Place of birth124 kb

Postnatal information for you and your baby207 kb

Postnatal recovery and care following hypertension207 kb

Postnatal recovery and care following pre eclampsia559 kb

Pre-eclampsia586 kb

Reducing the risk of MRSA in pregnancy93 kb

Returning to activity after your caesarean section68 kb

Rh negative and Anti-D injection in pregnancy121 kb

Rupture of membranes at term526 kb

Tests and treatment for your babys jaundice127 kb

The umbilical cord88 kb

Visiting times93 kb

Waterbirth456 kb

What drugs has your baby been taking499 kb

What is a tongue tie?128 kb

Womens clinic288 kb