Elderly medicine

Sometimes referred to as the DME or, formerly, geriatrics, elderly medicine provides assessment, treatment and active rehabilitation for our older patients. Our services include clinics for people with memory problems and Parkinson's disease.

Dr HuwezAssessment and treatment

Assessment includes psychometric testing and investigations (including blood tests, ECG and CT head scan, if required) to reach a definitive diagnosis. We offer treatment for Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia.  Furthermore, patients with rarer causes of dementia are assessed and referred to tertiary centres if necessary.

Memory service

Our Memory Team are dedicated to treating patients with memory problems.
We aim to assess patients with memory problems, establish a diagnosis, treat if necessary and support patients with memory problems and their carers.

We provide information regarding dementing illnesses to patients and carers, as well as information relating to support and resources in the community and hospital.

Our Memory Clinic takes place in the Day Assessment Unit (DAU) (located on the ground floor of the Prittlewell Building) thereby allowing instant access to ECG, phlebotomy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and other facilities.

If required, patients can be referred to the Community Mental Health Team. There is also a nurse-led follow up Memory Clinic once a week and a telephone helpline for patients and carers (Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm) where people can gain information or discuss problems. There are no day care facilities offered within the clinic, however patients can be referred to a daycentre.  People with early onset dementia (<65 years) can be referred the Peaceful Place Day Centre.

Contact us

Memory Clinic (Day Assessment Unit):               01702 435555 ext 6146