We are able to offer appointments every weekday, Monday to Friday from 08:30-16:30 with a few earlier and later appointments available depending on the treatment site.

Once we receive your referral it will be prioritised and a letter detailing the time and date of your appointment will be sent to you in the post.

Please arrive on time for your appointment and book in at reception. Appointments usually run on time so it is important to understand that if you are more than 10 minutes late you may not be seen or your session time reduced.

If you are unable to make your appointment or no longer need it please contact our appointments line to change or cancel the appointment. Please be aware that 24 hours notice is needed to cancel or change the appointment so it can be given to someone else. Our appointments policy states that if you miss or cancel two or more appointments you will be referred back to your referring clinician.

On your first appointment you will be assessed by a qualified physiotherapist and given advice and treatment if deemed appropriate. You will need to bring relevant information with you including any medical history, medications and any relevant investigations i.e. Scans.

The assessment usually takes the form of an initial discussion with the physiotherapist about the referred condition followed by a physical assessment. For the physical assessment it may be necessary to observe the body part and surrounding body parts so suitable clothing is required i.e. A vest top and shorts, but may require undressing the area to fully assess it. 

We are committed to equality and diversity and will endeavor to accommodate any necessities as deemed appropriate i.e. language or cultural requirements.  For more information please see our Trust Hospital main website page.

The findings of the assessment and appropriate treatment options will be discussed should further physiotherapy be indicated.


Did Not Attend (DNA) & Cancellation Policy:


If a patient fails to attend their first appointment, the referrer is sent a letter advising them and the patient is discharged, in accordance with Trust policy.

If a patient fails to attend a follow-up appointment and does not contact the department, they will again be discharged.


If the patient contacts the department with a valid reason for non-attendance, they may be rebooked at the discretion of the physiotherapist.

If a patient contacts the department prior to their appointment to say they are unable to attend, they can be rebooked.  If they have more than two changed appointments and wish to change again, Trust policy is that they should be discharged and should get a new referral from their referrer.  In practice this will be at the discretion of the treating physiotherapist.


Contact us

Should you wish to make, change or cancel an appointment or speak to your physiotherapist, please contact us either by telephone or e-mail.

01702 385244



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