Patient Poems

Ship Wrecked

I have seen this place before

and stumbled ship wrecked on it's shores.

Have wandered weary to the bone

and watched my ship sail off alone.

Seen all is gone but its faint wake

and sanity itself's at sake.

But stranded in that rocky bay

I knew there was another way.

And keeping faith with what is me

I took the plunge swam out to sea.

Embraced the waves and fear that binds

and sank and rose a hundred times.

Allowed myself to gently float

go with the wind in my life's boat.

And then I saw that come what may

we all must pass this stormy way.

And sink or swim, despair or float

we all are master of our boat.


S.Y 2017 



Back in the chair again

Dazed angry and confused

Exhausted, desperate and lost

Bewildered, fearful and alone

And back in the chair again.


Brushing hair a marathon

Getting dressed an endurance race

Speaking coherently an effort

Walking like wading in treacle

And back in the chair again.


How to explain to others

What you cannot understand?

A need to justify yourself

The dread of being labelled lazy

Because you are back in the chair again.


Who's label will you wear?

Theirs or your own?

Today find one positive thought

Make it yours and build on it.

Maybe that chair is your launch pad.


Tomorrow smile at the morning

Say 'you are mine'

Whatever it brings

Remember it is yours to use as you can.

Maybe very gently touch life outside the chair.....


S.Y 2017