Patient information leaflets

The leaflets on this page are designed to provide information regarding your care. They can be downloaded, printed or read online.

You will need Adobe © Reader to open these files on a Windows © computer.  It can be downloaded without chargehere.

The core patient information leaflets that are produced by Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust can be found using the following link:


Southend University Hospital patient information leaflets:



Paediatric discharge information [1191]99 kb

Bronchiolitis discharge and follow-up advice [1419]131 kb

Lumbar Puncture [501]124 kb

Glucagon Test [4357]86 kb

What is croup [4101]129 kb

Day-stay surgery information [1478]99 kb

Advice after pinna plasty (Bat Ear Surgery) [2146]99 kb

Information following insertion of grommets for adults and children [2149]97 kb

Febrile convulsions [2461]126 kb

Pain management after day surgery - information for families [4731]334 kb

Gastro-enteritis [2855]122 kb

Eye Care Parents Guide [1784]95 kb

Blood Tests [473]173 kb

Aftercare instructions following Circumcision [2147]99 kb

How to care for your child after an MRI scan with sedation [2267]99 kb

Information for parents of children after fixation of testicle (Orchidopexy) or hernia reduction (Herniotomy) [2287]100 kb

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) prevention [2398[136 kb

Information for parents after oral surgery [2195]95 kb

What is tounge tie [4051]131 kb

Information for teenage girls [4439]99 kb

Caring for your child with cancer [4383]162 kb

Henoch-Schonlein Purpura HSP [4254]145 kb

Looking after your child following a head injury [2285]128 kb

Viral infections in children [2155]124 kb

Nasal douching advice for outpatients [1086]97 kb

Information on collecting a urine specimen [1018]99 kb

Paediatric MRI sedation information for patients [49]97 kb

Discharge advice for children following adenoidectomy and or tonsillectomy [2148]99 kb

Pneumothorax [503]99 kb

Appendicectomy in children [447]63 kb

Care of a wound following application of a topical skin adhesive/medical glue (Dermabond) [1471]54 kb

Basic life support for children - information for parents [4779]113 kb

Basic life support for babies - information for parents [1358]101 kb