Research and development

As a research active Trust our patients consequently have greater access to evidence-based treatments, therapies and services.

Southend University Hospital is a research active hospital

OK to askMany of the treatments available in hospital are made possible because someone, somewhere thought that this research could help save someone's life. 

We need to try and develop cures and treatments today for the patients of tomorrow. We can't do that unless our patients, our local population that come and ask for our help, want to be part of a trial.  

Next time you come to hospital ask your doctor, nurse or therapist whether there is a trial that you can participate in because what you do today will help someone tomorrow.

Research contributes to the evidence base and provides opportunities to find more clinical and cost effective treatments that directly improve healthcare services and benefit patients. 

One of our aims is to improve the quality of care we deliver through research and we have continued to increase our participation in large scale clinical research. 

Southend hospital is participating in a significant number of national scale research and has built on collaborative partnerships with the Essex and Hertfordshire Comprehensive Local Research Network and the other National Institute of Health Research networks. 

We want to embed research in our clinics and, together with senior level commitment, we will make research core business in the Trust. 

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) research studies currently active within the Trust include:

  • Cancer
  • Critical Care
  • Rheumatology
  • Stroke
  • Eye diseases
  • Renal diseases
  • Paediatrics
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia

In addition we have studies in sexual health, women's health, neurology, psychiatry, surgery and infectious diseases.  

Get involved in our research trials

Trust clinicians, patients and carers are actively participating in new research studies which will improve outcomes locally, and contribute to the worldwide evidence base for better health care.

We have seen a continued and rapid increase in the level of participation in clinical research over recent years and expect that this will continue.

We will also have a strong emphasis on the role of service users and carers in the design of the research studies of the future.

If you are a patient or carer and would like to find out about upcoming research trials please contact the Research and Development team on 01702 385089 or email 

Our research partners

The Trust works with a number of other organisations in many of our research trials and projects. Our local partners are:

Essex University

Anglia Ruskin University

The Postgraduate Medical Institute 

Telephone 0845 1964804

The Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education

Telephone 0845 196 4000

Essex and Hertfordshire Comprehensive Local Research Network

National Institute for Health Research

Essex Cancer Research Network