Critical care

Critical care is a ten bedded two bay adult unit with some facilities for emergency and short-term paediatric care. The unit provides intensive care for patients from all specialities who are critically ill. Support for the patient’s family and friends is also integral to this service

A patient who is critically ill is someone who requires one-to-one 24 hour nursing and continuous advanced monitoring by a trained critical care nurse, or a trained nurse who has undergone induction into the speciality and is under the supervision of trained critical care nurses. Many of the nurses in the unit have many years of experience in this speciality. Critical care consultants and medical staff are continuously present on the unit. They provide expert knowledge regarding the critically ill patient, in conjunction with the treatment and advice from the patient's consultant, whether it is a physician or a surgeon.

Most of the patients are fully dependent, immobile and often unconscious, so the critical care team has to meet all their needs, including basic ones such as hygiene and nutrition  

These patients are the sickest in the hospital and treatment includes:

  • Advanced respiratory support (Help with breathing often on a 'breathing machine')
  • Renal support (dialysis)
  • Plasmapheresis (some conditions (often autoimmune) by 'washing' blood plasma )
  • Cardiovascular support (heart and circulation with drugs or machines, cooling therapy following cardiac arrest, balloon pump etc.)
  • Endocrine (e.g. diabetic ketoacidosis)
  • Hepatic impairment (liver disease)
  • Head Injury (accident or bleed)
  • Following major surgical procedures
  • Severe trauma (e.g. Road traffic accidents)
  • Neuropathy (disease that impairs movement and breathing)
  • Infectious diseases (There are four side-wards)

Critical care also provides advice for sicker patients on the ward who are referred to the Outreach team and patients who are discharged from critical care in order to reassure the patient and support ward staff.

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