Community physiotherapy team

Our community physiotherapy team provides a service to help individuals over 16 years of age reach their optimum level of independence in their home and local community.

  • The Community Physiotherapy Service provides;
  • an assessment of the patient's condition and its impact on everyday activities within the home and local community
  • assessment, treatment and ongoing management of specific musculo-skeletal (muscle and bone), respiratory (breathing) and neurological (brain and nerve) conditions 
  • recommendation and, wherever possible, provision of appropriate orthotics (surgical appliances - devices used to treat or support different parts of the body e.g. collars, leg braces, shoe insoles), walking aids and minor equipment
  • provision of individualised exercise programmes which patients can follow to improve their mobility, agility and strength in order to maintain independent living 
  • physiotherapy support for patients with long term and progressive conditions. 
  • referral to other agencies

By seeing patients at home we are able to help them live independently and manage their condition more easily in their own environment. For example, someone who has had a stroke may need specific treatment for their condition but also advice, education, equipment and / or training to get around their home and in and out of their own car. Where appropriate the community physiotherapy team will see patients in: 

  •  their own homes 
  •  residential and nursing homes 
  •  Day centres 
  •  Hospices