Essex urology specialist cancer centre

Cancer services across the UK have been redesigned to ensure that patients receive expert care from experienced health professionals.

This sometimes means that not all your treatment can be carried out at your local hospital. It is sometimes necessary to send patients to a designated cancer centre to be reviewed by expert teams who specialise in the management of urological cancers. Southend Hospital is a designated specialist centre. Although you will have to be seen at the cancer centre we can assure you that we all work very closely together ensuring streamlined treatment and follow-up.

If you have any querys about your surgery at Southend University Hospital, please contact the patient coordinator 

Our Urology Ward - Southbourne Ward

Southbourne ward is situated on the fourth floor of the Tower block in the main hospital.

Nurses station tel: 01702 385078.

Visiting times: 7.00am to 9.00pm

The ward asks that you do not have more than two visitors at a time, although exceptions can be made at the discretion of the nurse in charge, providing this is not detrimental to your care or others nearby.

Pre-assessment clinic

If you are going to have surgery at the cancer centre then you will need to attend a pre-assessment clinic prior to your surgery. It may be possible for you to attend a pre-admission clinic at your local hospital, but  some patients will need to be seen at Southend.

The nurse and doctor will discuss with you your general health and will arrange for you to have some blood tests, a heart tracing (ECG) and possibly other tests. They will also discuss with you the operation you are planning to have, the benefits, side-effects and potential risks. They may ask you to sign a consent form which shows you agree and understand the surgery you are having.