Meet the team

You will meet staff from several roles during your time at Southend Hospital.

A urology nurse will admit you to the ward. You will also meet an anaesthetist, your consultant and urology doctors who will look after you on the ward.

Our Patient Co-ordinator will will also be available should you or your family require any additional support. 

You may have already met an enhanced recovery nurse during your pre-admission clinic appointment. If not, they will meet you on the ward and support you throughout your admission and immediately after discharge.

Your key worker/urology cancer nurse specialist

A key worker is a member of the multi-disciplinary team who will be your main point of contact at any time following your diagnosis. They will be very familiar with your case, and you should contact them if you have any concerns.

Normally your key worker is your clinical nurse specialist who you should meet at your local hospital. The cancer centre also has its own clinical nurse specialists who will be aware of your case and will also communicate with your original nurse specialist. We all work as one team.

Listed below are the names and contact details of all the clinical nurse specialists across the Essex cancer network.

Essex cancer network clinical nurse specialists 

  Telephone Pager
Southend (specialist urological cancer centre)
Ann French 01702 385369 07659 181061
Sarah Barnicoat 01702 385369 07659 154718
Chrissie Gipson 01702 385369 07659 158022
Sanga Khuoge 01702 385369 07824 526448
Chris Jones 01702 385369 -
Lucy Powell 01206 742964  
Maggie Braithwaite 01206 742964  
Amy Sibbons    
Rachael Minter    
Petra Orebanwo 01268 524900 ext 8491 07659 128519
Augusta Aikhianbare    
Amanda Lewis 01245 514499  
Shievon Smith 01245 514499  


The urology specialist cancer surgery team

Clinical nurse specialists

Ann FrenchAnn French, lead urology oncology clinical nurse specialist

Tel: 01702 385369

Pager: 07659 181061


Secretary: Cathy Miles 01702 385369

Education: Trained at the Royal London Hospital qualifying in 1984. BSc (1st class Hons) Urological Nursing 2003 South Bank University, Msc with distinction in Advancing Nursing Practice 2009 Essex University

Specialist interests: Prostate cancer, muscle invasive bladder cancer, testicular cancer and penile cancer. Survivorship events for patients post treatment, local community health promotion and our cancer support group CADGERS, along with teaching at both local and university level.

Biography: Ann has worked as a urology cancer clinical nurse specialist at Southend hospital since 2001. She has been heavily involved in developing the urology cancer services at Southend and with her team of CNS's supports patients from diagnosis, whilst also offering leadership to both the cancer and benign team.

"I am a dedicated and professional nurse who remains committed in providing expert and evidence based care to our patients. It is a privilege to be able support patients and their families during a difficult time in their lives."


Sarah BarnicoatSarah Barnicoat, urology oncology clinical nurse specialist

Tel: 01702 385369

Pager: 07659 1547 18


Secretary: Cathy Miles 01702 385369

Education: Trained at the Anglia Ruskin University, qualifying 1997. BSc (Hons) Urological Nursing 2012 South Bank University

Specialist interests: Renal cancer, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. I am actively involved in local health promotion events and fund raising.

Biography: Sarah has worked as a urology cancer clinical nurse specialist at Southend Hospital since 2006. Previously to that she worked on the urology ward for 7 years.

"I am a patient advocate. Supporting patients from diagnosis, throughout treatment and in follow up. I am passionate about patient care and my role."


Chrissie GipsonChrissie Gipson, urology oncology clinical nurse specialist

Tel: 01702 385369

Pager: 07659 158022


Secretary: Cathy Miles. 01702 385369

Education: Dip HE RN qualified 2000 - Non medical prescriber- Currently studying for Msc in Advanced Healthcare practice.

Specialist interests: Bladder cancer, bladder instillations for side effects of cancer treatments, management of LUTs/OAB

Biography: Chrissie trained as a nurse at Southend University Hospital and has worked in and around Southend in the speciality of urology since qualifying in 2000. She worked for eight years on the urology ward starting as a staff nurse and working her way up to become deputy ward manager. Chrissie then worked as a continence advisor in the community which has given her great experience in managing the side effects experienced from many of the urological cancer treatments. She joined the Urology Oncology Team in 2010, working three days a week.

"I am a dedicated nurse who takes her professional responsibilities very seriously. I am committed to being the patients advocate and strive to ensure patients are well supported during their journey, starting with treatment decisions, throughout their treatment, and also dealing with the after effects of their treatments." 


Sanga KhuogeSanga Khuoge, Urology oncology clinical nurse specialist

Tel: 01702 385369

Work Mobile : 07824 526448


Secretary: Cathy Miles. 01702 385369

Education: Trained in Malawi as a State Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife; qualified in 1998 with Diploma in Nursing and University Certificate in Midwifery. BSc in Nursing 2015 with distinction Edinburgh Napier University. MSc in Public Health 2016 with merit London Metropolitan University.  Have completed Mentorship in Public Services; Diploma of Credit in Diabetes care; Diploma of credit in High Dependency care.

Specialist interests: Bladder cancer and renal cancer. Delivery of intravesicle treatment for bladder cancer patients and support for all renal cancer patients.

Biography: Sanga has worked as a urology cancer clinical nurse specialist at Southend hospital since 2015 and she is a dedicated member of the Urology Oncology team. Prior to that Sanga was a ward sister on the dedicated urology ward where she looked after both urology and oncology patients with various conditions for six years.

"I am a dedicated and professional nurse and member of the urology team. I always work with a passion and strive for excellence for all the patients and families under my care while they go through a very difficult and challenging time in their life'.

Emma ChappelEmma Chappel, Benign urology clinical nurse specialist

Tel: 01702 385368


Education: Trained at the Royal Free Hospital London, qualifying in 1997. 2016, qualified as a non-medical prescriber. February 2017 Completed her MSc with merit in Advanced Healthcare Practice.

Specialist interests: Erectile dysfunction, urodynamics, teaching intermittent self-catheterisation and dilatation, percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation for overactive bladders and performing and teaching patients' bladder installations such a cystistat for interstitial cystitis. Teaching and participating in hospital and community events.

Biography: Emma has worked within urology since joining Southend Hospital in 1997. Her career progressed from staff nurse to deputy ward manager, before commencing her current role in 2008. She supports patients with benign conditions of the urinary system, whilst also providing ED services for our cancer patients.

"I am an enthusiastic professional nurse who is dedicated to her job, ensuring patients receive evidence based high quality care. I am empathetic to individuals needs and appreciate the anxieties patients' experience when attending clinic. I am proud of the nurse I have become."


Joanne HurrellJoanne Hurrell, Benign Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist

Tel: 01702 385368

Email: joanne.hurrell@southend

Education: Trained at Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust qualifying in 1996 as a registered general nurse with a Diploma in higher education. 2016, qualified as a non-medical prescriber.

Special interests: Bladder dysfunction and performing urodynamic investigations. Erectile dysfunction, teaching intermittent self-catheterisation and Self dilatation. Performing percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation for overactive bladder and administering bladder instillations for painful bladder and interstitial cystitis. Teaching both patients and staff, and participating in health & wellbeing events.

Biography: Jo has worked within the urology department since 1996 progressing from staff nurse to ward sister before taking the post as CNS for the last 8 years. Jo supports patients with benign urological conditions throughout their journey, alongside patient's that also have a diagnosis of cancer and troubled with erectile dysfunction.

"Urological conditions can be life changing and debilitating for an individual and their family. Through compassion and empathy I help them through this difficult journey. I continue to be dedicated and understanding and my patient's advocate, offering advice, support and evidence based care."


Emily DaltonEmily Dalton, Associate Benign Urology CNS

Education: Trained at Anglia Ruskin University 2010-2013, BSc Adult Nursing.

Specialist interests: Urology, mostly benign care. Teaching intermittent self catheterisation (ISC), running nurse led clinics - Trial Without Catheter and Lithotripsy Clinics.

Biography: Emily has worked as a urology nurse since qualifying in 2013 at Southend University Hospital NHS Trust. She has been involved in developing the ward and new aspects of care being introduced. She moved from staff nurse to deputy ward manager and is now a new member of our benign urology CNS team.

"I am dedicated, hardworking professional nurse who is always committed to providing effective care to all patients. I love working within Urology and find each shift rewarding."


Ward team


Kumar NairKumar Nair, Ward Manager (Urology Ward)

Tel: 01702 385078


Education: Trained at Southend Hospital, Essex and qualifying in 1981 as a Mental Nurse and then in 1984 as a Registered General Nurse. Undertook his BSc degree in Professional Nursing Practice and completed this in 1990 at Anglia Ruskin University. Continued educational development and undertook post graduate courses, successfully completed Surgical Specialist Course A25, the Vascular Course A26, and the ENB980 Principles of Research

Biography: Kumar has dedicated a good number of years and has gained a wealth of experience working within the same organisation and promoting and sharing his wealth of experience at senior ward manager levels. He was in charge of a mixed 28 bed surgical ward that specialising bowel and vascular surgery. Over the last 10 years he has been responsible for the 5 bedded Surgical High Dependency Unit and the vascular ward and also the urology ward. He is now purely involved in training and developing the Urology Cancer Ward and Services at Southend Hospital with his colleagues and staff and also closely working in conjunction with the Urology CNS team.

"I am a motivated, dedicated and professional nurse leading a team of nurses who are committed in providing support to patients and their families during a difficult time in their lives."


Maria WebbMaria Webb. Deputy Ward Manager - Southbourne Ward 

Tel: 01702 385078


Education: Completed Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the Philippines qualifying in 1993. Non-Medical Prescriber Feb 17.

Specialist Interests: Prostate and bladder cancer, urology benign care - running trial without catheter clinic and teaching intermittent self catheterisation and stones/lithotripsy clinic, mentoring students and imparting specialised knowledge and skills.

Biography: Maria has worked in England for almost 15 years working in different specialities including medicine, care of the elderly, colorectal/vascular surgery and surgical high dependency and urology. She has completed Care of the Critically Ill Patients (HDU course) which enabled her to hone her skills in providing care for level 2 patients. She has been a sister in the urology ward for almost 7 years offering leadership on the ward and ensuring best quality of care is delivered to our patients.

"I am always committed in providing the best level of care to my patient, ensuring patient safety and satisfaction. I lead a hard working team which aim in putting our patients first at all times."


Alison Bragg

Alison Bragg, Deputy Ward Manager Southbourne Ward

Tel: 01702 385078


Education: Trained at University College hospital qualifying in 1992.

Specialist interests: Varied experience with surgical patients including general surgery, ENT, maxillofacial, breast and Urology. Previously has been involved with developing nurse-led discharge and short stay surgery. Committed to student education and mentorship.

Biography: Alison has worked at Southend Hospital for 23 years, worked on specialist ENT ward and then short stay surgical ward, and now worked in Urology for 3 years.

"I am a dedicated and professional nurse, who is committed to providing high standard patient focused care, to all patients and relatives that I have the privilege to meet"


Wendy DaviesWendy Davies, Enhanced Recovery Nurse


Education: Trained at Anglia Ruskin University

Specialist interests: Wendy leads on the enhanced recovery programme (ERP). She and the ward team ensure patients are as healthy as possible before receiving treatment, receive the best possible care during their operation and the best possible care while recovering. Having an operation can be both physically and emotionally stressful. Enhanced recovery programmes aims to get you back to full health as quickly as possible.

Biography: Wendy has worked at Southend Hospital since August 2011 as an associate benign urology CNS and our ERP nurse. She was initially one of the few urology ERP nurses in Essex, setting up our service and sharing good practice and pathways with other hospitals.


OPD staff


May CaberMay Caber, Out patient department Sister/Nurse Manager

Tel: 01702 385369


Secretary: Cathy Miles. 01702 385369

Education: Trained at St Jude College of Nursing ,Manila Philippines qualifying in 1991. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).  Professional nurse licensure obtained 1993 (RN)

Specialist interests: General urological conditions and clinical involvement with our bladder cancer diagnostics clinic and performing transrectal ultrasound.

Biography: May has worked as a urology clinical nurse manager at Southend Hospital since 2005.  She manages the out patient department acting as a liaison between healthcare facility, consultants and the nursing staff.

"I am a caring, compassionate, kind, hardworking nurse who remains professional at all times."


Stoma Team


Angela Taylor

Angela Taylor, Stoma Care Clinical Nurse Specialist

Tel: 01702 385510


Secretary: Elizabeth Rawlinson 01702 385508

Education: Trained at Southend Hospital School of Nursing qualifying in 1979.
Stoma courses 980/216 1995.
RGN conversion course Dip HE in 2000.
Advanced stoma course 2002.

Specialist interests: Colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, ileoanal pouch surgery and our support group the Optimistic Ostomates.

Biography: Angela has worked in colorectal surgery since 1979 going on to be a Clinical Nurse Specialist at Southend Hospital in 2000. Angela has been involved in developing the stoma care department and support group with the stoma care Clinical Nurse Specialist team, supporting patients pre and post operatively. Following them up with home visits and community clinics.

"My aim is to provide continued support to patients and their families in hospital and the community."


Amanda DaveyAmanda Davey, Stoma Care Clinical Nurse Specialist

Tel: 01702 385509


Secretary: Elizabeth Rawlinson 01702 385508

Education:   Amanda studied at Anglia Ruskin University and qualified as a registered general nurse DipHe in 2009.  Since then she has undertaken

  • Anglia Ruskin University - care of the acutely ill adult.
  • Essex University - mentorship. 
  • Leadership excellence programme.
  • Foundation course in stoma care.
  • Cancer and palliative care course.
  • Stoma siting course.
  • Advanced stoma care course.

Biography: Amanda has worked at Southend University Hospital for many years.
Her background is in general surgery, vascular and bowel, with experience in surgical high dependency.  She has also been Deputy Ward Manager in the colorectal unit.

Now as a stoma nurse she supports patients and their families providing holistic care both pre and post-op in the hospital setting and in the community. 


Cathy MilesCathy Miles, Urology CNS/OPD secretary

Tel: 01702 385369


Cathy has worked in the urology outpatient department since 2002. She provides clerical support to the CNS team, typing clinic letters, taking telephone enquiries from patients and generally answering simple enquiries. She is generally supportive to both the CNS team and their patients, and enjoys being part of the team