Our gynaecology unit and women’s clinic are located in the Nightingale Centre with additional services, including our Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU) and a 24 hour emergency triage service, located on the second floor of the Cardigan Building.

Please read the leaflets below prior to contacting the numbers above24 hour emergency triage service

Our 24 hour emergency triage service is based on Eastwood ward. The emergency nurse on duty will prioritise patients according to their need and condition:

  • Women who arrive on the ward in a shocked condition and require immediate medical attention
  • Women with severe pain or bleeding who need medical attention within 30 - 60 minutes.
  • Women with problems that can safely wait more than one hour without medical attention

Our aim is that you will be seen by a doctor as soon as possible; however at busy times there may be a delay.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU)

The early pregnancy unit is located on Eastwood Ward on the second floor of the Cardigan wing.

This unit aims to provide a dedicated service for women up to 17 weeks pregnant that are experiencing pain or bleeding, or have previously experienced problems in early pregnancy.

Women over 17 weeks pregnant should contact MB1 on 01702 385486.

This is not a walk in service, we operate an appointment system only.

Our opening hours are:

Monday to Friday - 07:45 - 15:45

Sunday 08:00 - 12:00 midday

Contact numbers - 01702 385534 or 01702 385532

We have an answerphone service in place, if your call is not answered please talk slowly and clearly leaving your name and contact number and a member of the early pregnancy unit staff will call you back.

Out of these hours and in the event of an emergency please contact Eastwood ward on 01702 385077. 

Please read the leaflets below prior to contacting the numbers above

Pre-assessment clinic

Once a date for your forthcoming surgery has been arranged you will be invited to attend the pre-assessment clinic. This will be approximately 2-3 weeks prior to your admission date. A senior trained nurse will access your fitness for surgery and arrange any further tests or investigations required.

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have regarding your forthcoming surgery or stay on the ward.

Post-op discharge group

This group was formed for our patients to discuss any problems they had encountered following surgery. Attendees are free to share their experiences in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere over a cup of tea.

The nurse will be able to answer any questions relating to your surgery (such as vaginal bleeding and discharge, wound problems, HRT etc). A physiotherapist is also in attendance and will answer questions relating to exercise and sporting activities (such as swimming and aerobics). The physiotherapist will demonstrate exercises for the group and, if necessary, give appointments for the physiotherapy clinic.

The group usually runs every last Tuesday of the month at 14.00 in the hospital's Education Centre.


Our cancer support group, COPES (Cervical, Ovarian, Perineal, Endometrial Support) supports those affected by gynaecological cancers and is also a registered charity. For more information please visit the COPES website.  

Contact us

Eastwood ward:                                               01702 435555 ext 6221

Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit:               01702 435555 ext 3380 / 3379

Gynaecology Triage                                       01702 435555 ext 5515

COPES:                                                        01702 435555 ext 6464