Neptune children's unit

Our children's unit cares for around 3,000 children each year, aged from birth to 16 years.

Our highly-skilled and experienced team aims to provide high quality care in a friendly environment where the needs and rights of your child come first.We provideinpatient and outpatient care for children with both medical and surgical conditions, as well as running a variety of specialist clinics.

Our children's unit is designed to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, from the colourful reception area to the spacious wards. When entering the unit you will be greeted by a ward clerk who can answer any queries you may have and direct you to the other areas of the ward as required.

The playroom & den

We understand that waiting for treatment or an appointment can be an anxious time for your child, so we actively encourage you to make use of the facilities within our playroom (please note that children using the playroom must be supervised by an adult to ensure their safety). Equipped with all sorts of entertainment, from games consoles to Play-Doh, our playroom is designed to make your child feel at home during their time on the unit.

Activities for children aged between 3 and 5 years include painting, Play-Doh, water play, creative model making and collage.  We also have a role play area which features a small kitchen and play food. Different activities are set out in the morning and in the afternoon sessions. Children aged between 5 and 11 years have the choice of painting and drawing, board games, craft and use of our games consoles. The den is a separate room within the playroom especially for adolescents aged between 12 and 16 years. Your child can surf the internet, play computer games, listen to music, watch TV and relax.

Our school teacher works with children of school age staying on the unit longer-term, and is available weekdays between 09.15 and 12.00 (term time only).

The playroom and den are both open weekdays between 08.30 and 16.30.

Sensory room

A place where you and your child can escape from the pressures of being in hospital, our sensory room using lights, textures, sounds and water therapy to stimulate the senses

Saturday club 

The unit runs Saturday club every fortnight to prepare your child in advance for the experience of going to theatre. All children receive an invite prior to admission to hospital. We would encourage you to attend as it provides an opportunity to ask any questions and allay any fears or anxieties. Our aim is to keep you informed and minimise the upset to you and your child by making the experience of going into theatre as stress-free as possible.

Visiting arrangements 

The ward has an open visiting policy for parents and you are welcome to stay with your child at all times. Visiting times for relatives and friends is between 13.00 and 20.00 with a protected meal time between 16.45 and 17.30pm.  All visitors should report to the front desk or nurse's station to ensure it is a convenient time to visit.The only exception to this rule is for those children undergoing day-stay surgery. In this instance only two people may accompany the child, both of whom must be over 16 years of age and one of whom must be a parent or legal guardian.

No crèche facilities are available for siblings so we ask that you make childcare arrangements in advance. We actively encourage you to stay with your child throughout their stay and have a number of facilities available to make things a little easier, including a fridge and microwave, tea and coffee facilities and an evening sandwich and refreshment delivery service.  

If you child is staying on the unit overnight, a camp bed and linen will be provided and there are bath and shower facilities available.

Contact us

Neptune children's unit:               01702 385180